Decreasing Term

Decreasing Term,

How To Define Decreasing Term?

  • As part of life insurance, a long-term policy with a reduction in death benefits. Also called mortgage insurance.

Literal Meanings of Decreasing Term


Meanings of Decreasing:
  1. The process or process of becoming or becoming smaller and smaller.

  2. They become smaller or smaller in size, number, intensity or degree.


Meanings of Term:
  1. Enter a descriptive name to be called by a specific name.

  2. Words or phrases that are used to describe something or to express an idea, especially in a particular language or field of study.

  3. A fixed or limited period during which something, such as an offense, imprisonment or investment, is to continue or continue.

  4. In return for every visit of the year, holidays or vacations, when classes are held in schools, colleges or universities, or when the courts are in progress.

  5. Terms under which actions may be taken or some agreements may be reached

  6. Any amount of proportions, series or mathematical expressions.

  7. Another term for the term

Sentences of Term
  1. Called the father of modern theology

  2. The musical term "Latmotio"

  3. The president is elected for a four-year term

  4. Summer semester

  5. Only your path can be handled

  6. A geometric series is defined as a permanent relationship between successive terms.

Synonyms of Term

precondition, title, proviso, stint, name, specification, label, time, requisite, locution, expression, prerequisite, turn of phrase, designate, tag, word, idiom, duration, provision, spell, period, dub