Decoupling: What is the Meaning of Decoupling?

You can define Decoupling as, Decaplining is when the return of one asset class deviates from the normal or expected correlation pattern with another. Decaplining occurs when the assets of different classes, usually up and down, move in opposite directions, i.e. increase and decrease.

  • Separation occurs when the return of an asset class previously associated with other assets no longer appears.
  • Decoupling also refers to the disconnect between the performance of the country's investment market and the underlying economic conditions.
  • If investors believe that the previous pattern of communication will return, but there is no guarantee that this will happen, then there is no guarantee.

Meanings of Decoupling

  1. Separate, separate or separate from something else (something).

  2. Noise or impact reduction in underground cavities (nuclear explosion).

Sentences of Decoupling

  1. Brackets effectively separate the movement of motors from the wheels

Synonyms of Decoupling

detach, disengage, uncouple, decouple, unhook, unhitch, unlink, unclick, undo, unfasten, unyoke, disarticulate