Definition of Decontamination:

  1. The neutralization or removal of dangerous substances, radioactivity, or germs from an area, object, or person.

  2. Removal of hazardous substances (bacteria, chemicals, radioactive material) from employees bodies, clothing, equipment, tools, and/or sites to the extent necessary to prevent the occurrence of adverse health and/or environmental effects.

Synonyms of Decontamination

Activity, Allowance, Antisepsis, Artificial radioactivity, Color, Contamination, Curiage, Disinfection, Disinfestation, Extenuating circumstances, Extenuation, Extenuative, Fallout, Flash pasteurization, Fumigation, Gilding, Gloss, Half-life, Hygenics, Hygiene, Mitigation, Natural radioactivity, Nuclear radiation, Palliation, Palliative, Pasteurization, Qualification, Radiant energy, Radiation, Radioactive radiation, Radioactivity, Radiocarbon dating, Radiolucency, Radiopacity, Radiosensibility, Radiosensitivity, Sanitation, Saturation point, Softening, Specific activity, Sterilization, Varnish, Whitewash, Whitewashing

How to use Decontamination in a sentence?

  1. The decontamination process was something really interesting and we were happy to get everything ready to clean and use in the lab.
  2. Before anyone could re-enter the office, a decontamination unit had to approve that the chemicals used in production werent toxic, and that it was safe to enter.
  3. Procedures to ensure decontamination of medical equipment.
  4. You should make sure that you are good at decontamination if you are dealing with products that could hurt the environment.

Meaning of Decontamination & Decontamination Definition