Definition of Decomposition:

  1. Conversion or decay of degradable (or chemically unstable) material to simpler (or more stable) components or forms by the natural action of air, water, light, or microorganisms.

  2. The state or process of rotting; decay.

Synonyms of Decomposition

Ablation, Atomization, Biodegradability, Biodegradation, Breakup, Caries, Carrion, Corrosion, Corruption, Crumbling, Decay, Degradability, Degradation, Dilapidation, Disintegration, Disjunction, Disorganization, Dissolution, Dry rot, Erosion, Foulness, Gangrene, Incoherence, Mildew, Mold, Mortification, Necrosis, Oxidation, Oxidization, Putrefaction, Putrescence, Putridity, Putridness, Rancidity, Rancidness, Rankness, Ravages of time, Resolution, Rot, Rottenness, Rust, Slough, Sphacelation, Sphacelus, Spoilage, Tooth decay, Wear, Wear and tear, Decay, Rotting, Going bad, Putrefaction, Putrescence, Putridity, Festering, Spoilage, Perishing

How to use Decomposition in a sentence?

  1. The decomposition of organic waste.

Meaning of Decomposition & Decomposition Definition