Declined Risk

Declined Risk,

What Does Declined Risk Mean?

  1. A simple definition of Declined Risk is: Insurers may refuse to provide insurance because customers / events may not meet certain standards.

  2. Meaning of Declined Risk: A potential insured person who is considered to be at high risk cannot be covered by the insurance company.

Literal Meanings of Declined Risk


Meanings of Declined:
  1. (From what is generally considered good) They shrink smaller, more or less.

  2. Politely declined (invitation or offer)

  3. Walking down (especially from the sun).

  4. (Latin, Greek, and some other languages) Represents forms (nouns, pronouns, or adjectives) that are case sensitive, numbers, and gender.

  5. Gradual and permanent loss of strength, quantity, quality or value.

Sentences of Declined
  1. Birth rates throughout the world have dropped dramatically already

  2. Caroline refused coffee

  3. The sun began to creep and set in the west

  4. Leila rejected the English name as if it were Latin.

  5. Significant reduction in the number of birds

Synonyms of Declined

refuse to take advantage of, subside, falling off, diminution, wane, dwindle, shrink, spurn, grow smaller, forgo, plunge, diminishing, slump, lowering, dismiss, devaluation, turn one's back on, taper off, dwindling, sink, downswing


Meanings of Risk:
  1. Exposing someone who has been harmed, harmed or harmed.

Synonyms of Risk

danger, chance, hazard, menace, imperil, likelihood, probability, put in jeopardy, put on the line, venture, possibility, peril, threat, endanger, put at risk, gamble with, wager, gamble, jeopardize, take a chance with, bet