What is Decline?

  • In the context of insurance, insurance refers to the refusal to apply for insurance coverage. Insurers generally reject insurance claims if the company or the claimant is at high risk of paying too much for the insurer. Each insurer measures the risk according to the specific criteria of the company and region.

  • The company rejected the request for insurance coverage.

  • Decline definition is: Refusal to accept application for insurance coverage.

Meanings of Decline

  1. (From what is generally considered good) They shrink smaller, more or less.

  2. Politely declined (invitation or offer)

  3. Walking down (especially from the sun).

  4. Indicates form (noun, pronoun, or adjective) adjacent to form, number, and gender (in Latin, Greek, and some other languages).

  5. Gradual and permanent loss of strength, quantity, quality or value.

Sentences of Decline

  1. Birth rates throughout the world have dropped dramatically already

  2. Caroline refused coffee

  3. The sun began to creep and set in the west

  4. Leila rejected the English name as if it were Latin.

  5. Significant reduction in the number of birds

Synonyms of Decline

decrease, reduce, get smaller, grow smaller, lessen, get less, diminish, wane, dwindle, contract, shrink, fall off, taper off, tail off, peter out, turn down, reject, brush aside, refuse, rebuff, spurn, disdain, look down one's nose at, repulse, repudiate, dismiss, forgo

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Decline means,

To reject in the context of an insurance policy is to reject an application for insurance coverage. Insurers generally refuse insurance claims if the claimant or the claiming company is too risky to pay too much for the patient. Each insurance company measures the risk in the area according to the company and specific criteria.

Decline definition is: The company no longer accepts insurance coverage claims.

You can define Decline as, Check to accept insurance coverage application.

Meanings of Decline

  1. (Usually from something that is considered good) shrinks, shrinks or shrinks.

  2. Refusal of politeness (invitation or offer)

  3. Moving down (especially from the sun).

  4. (Latin, Greek and some other languages) gives the form (noun, pronoun, or adjective) that corresponds to the case, number, and gender.

  5. Gradual and permanent loss of power, quantity, quality or price.

Sentences of Decline

  1. Continuous decline in birth rate

  2. The sun begins to set and set in the west.

  3. A sharp decline in the number of birds

Synonyms of Decline

deterioration, abstain (from), crumbling, falling off, reduction, obsolescent, slackening, waning, plunge, weakening, decadence, refuse to take advantage of, slump, downturn, shrinkage, fading, knock back, take a nosedive, diminishing, let-up, plummet, moribund, failure, give something a miss, snout, give someone the brush-off, nosedive, devaluation, failing, dying


What is The Meaning of Decline?

Check to accept the insurance coverage request.

Meanings of Decline

  1. (Usually something that is considered good) They shrink, shrink or shrink.

  2. Move down (especially from the sun).

Sentences of Decline

  1. Caroline refused her coffee.

  2. The sun begins to set and sets in the west.

Synonyms of Decline

downtick, pass up, on the decline, send one's regrets, downswing, say no to, past its prime, tumble, on its last legs, degradation, shrinking, give the red light (to), go down, death, declining, atrophy, collapsing, crash, take a header, lessening