Declarations Section

Declarations Section,

What is The Meaning of Declarations Section?

  • Definition of Declarations Section: In the context of accident insurance, December is the first page of the policy and includes information from the manufacturer, including the names of the parties, details of insurance coverage, limits of policy liability, policy term, premium amount. Are And the value of the right to vote.

Literal Meanings of Declarations Section


Meanings of Declarations:
  1. An official or clear statement or declaration.

  2. The action is declared round.

Sentences of Declarations
  1. Declaration of love

  2. Warwickshire closed at 70 for 3 and, until a goal or an argument was scored by the Knight, the game was heading for a draw.

Synonyms of Declarations

proclamation, statement, pronouncement, announcement, communiqué, communication, report, edict, dispatch, manifesto, memorandum, bulletin


Meanings of Section:
  1. Paper

  2. Mandatory removal of an individual from a psychiatric hospital under an article of the Mental Health Act.

  3. Each or more or less a separate part in which an object can be divided or contain.

  4. A specific group in a large group of people or things.

  5. An intersection of a solid object across or along an aircraft.

Sentences of Section
  1. Put the orange slices on the plate

  2. Children's Library Section

Synonyms of Section

element, slice, module, piece, compartment, section, component, length, sector, part, fragment, unit, portion, segment, department, branch, certify, commit, wing, bit, hospitalize