Definition of Declaration:

  1. Official or explicit statements or declarations.

  2. Legal position for written statements given under oath that the person is aware of the facts. In property or liability insurance, the declaration is the part of the agreement that includes basic information, such as contact details with the insurer or the address of the property.

Synonyms of Declaration

Dictum, Address, Position, Proclamation, Testimonium, Decree-law, Publication, Thought, Pronouncement, Allowance, Fiat, Broadcast, Statement, Edict, Nolle prosequi, Protest, White book, Encyclical, Announcement, Decretal, Proclamation, Communication, Disclosure, Stance, Senatus consultum, Notice, Decretum, Manifesto, Acceptance, Compurgation, Communique, Claim, Phrase, Advertisement, Observation, Affirmance, Sworn evidence, Bull, Declaration of faith, Programma, Vouch, Notification, Appointment, Rule, Pronunciamento, Asseveration, Report, Predicate, Report, Ruling, Bill, Manifesto, Brevet, Say, Law, Predication, Ipse dixit, Statement of facts, Information, Averment, Admission, Confession of faith, Statement, Comment, Sworn statement, Bulletin, Circular, Testimony, Attestation, Appreciation, Testimonial, Stand, Deposition, Program, Assertion, Mention, Protestation, Witness, Bill of complaint, Note, Enunciation, Affirmation, Sentence, Decree, Ordonnance, Say-so, Crack, Ordinance, Recognition, Rescript, Announcement, Edict, Word, Instrument in proof, Memorandum, Expression, Communiqué, Avowal, Edictum, Bulletin board, Profession, Utterance, Conclusion, Creed, Narratio, Diktat, White paper, Ukase, Public notice, Positive declaration, Question, Saying, Annunciation, Acknowledgment, Interjection, Nonsuit, Parthian shot, Answer, Revelation, Greeting, Libel, Allegation, Proposition, Senatus consult, Pronouncement, Legal evidence, Decreement, Avouchment, Promulgation, Concession, Affidavit, Dispatch, Apostrophe, Confession, Attest, Subjoinder, Exclamation, Complaint, Communication, Remark, Sworn testimony, Reflection, Position paper

How to use Declaration in a sentence?

  1. He makes a statement after the lecture.

Meaning of Declaration & Declaration Definition

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What is The Definition of DECLARATION?

The definition of DECLARATION is: Part of the property or liability insurance which includes the name and address of the insured, the insured property, its location and details, term of insurance, premium and additional information. Used as a December page. Nominated

Meaning of DECLARATION: A statement signed by the applicant (then insured) at the end of the application form confirming his or her best knowledge and belief that the information provided is correct.

Insurance policy information page that provides specific details about insurers and policyholders.


  1. Official or explicit statements or declarations.

Sentences of DECLARATION

  1. State after the lecture


What is The Definition of DECLARATION?

  • You can define DECLARATION as, Part of the property or liability insurance which includes the name and address of the policyholder, the insured, its location and details, policies, premiums and other information. Page 10

  • At the end of the application form, the applicant signed a declaration (reinsured), confirming the amount of information provided according to his knowledge and belief.

  • Meaning of DECLARATION: Insurance policy information page that explains specific policyholder details and insurance issues.


  1. Official or written statement or announcement.

  2. The process of declaring weapons.