Declaration date

Declaration date,

Definition of Declaration date:

  1. Date on which a firms board of directors announces the date and amount of next dividend payment. Once announced, the dividend becomes a legal liability that must be honored.

  2. In addition to being the date on which the next dividend payment is announced, the declaration date is also the last day on which the holder of an option must indicate whether they will exercise the option. This is also known as the "expiration date.".

  3. An act of declaring an innings closed.

  4. A formal or explicit statement or announcement.

  5. The declaration date is the date on which the board of directors of a company announces the next dividend payment. This statement includes the dividend's size, ex-dividend date, and payment date. The declaration date is also referred to as the "announcement date.".

Synonyms of Declaration date

Announcement, Statement, Communication, Pronouncement, Proclamation, Memorandum, Bulletin, Communiqué, Dispatch, Report, Edict, Manifesto

How to use Declaration date in a sentence?

  1. The declaration date is important to investors because it provides the information for them to know whether or not they will be eligible for a dividend payment.
  2. A declaration of love.
  3. Warwickshire closed on 70 for 3, and unless there is a clatter of wickets or a generous declaration by Nick Knight this match is drifting to a draw.
  4. On this date, it will be announced the dividend size, the ex-dividend date, and the payment date.
  5. The declaration date is the date on which a company announces its next dividend payment.
  6. For options, the declaration date is the last date the holder of an option can indicate whether they will exercise their option.

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