What is DECK PAGE?

  • You can define DECK PAGE as, The term buzz is used to refer to the "declaration" of an insurance policy.

Literal Meanings of DECK PAGE


Meanings of DECK:
  1. An almost horizontal board or panel structure that extends over one of several surfaces above a ship or vessel, especially one that is high and open to the element.

  2. A component or unit of a sound reproduction device that contains a recording or playback mechanism for disc or cassette tape.

  3. A pack of cards.

  4. Decorate or decorate with bright or festive colors.

  5. Hit (someone) on the floor.

Sentences of DECK
  1. Standing on the deck of his flagship

  2. The car has cruise control and a recorder

  3. Shuffle playback

  4. Ingrid wore his best clothes on Sunday

Synonyms of DECK

bedeck, smack, give someone a good beating, hammer, wreathe, flog, beat, pound, batter, decorate, give someone a good drubbing, drub, garnish, cane, trim, thrash, give someone a drubbing, swat, pummel, rain blows on, hang, ornament, trick out


Meanings of PAGE:
  1. One side of a sheet of paper is a collection of bound sheets, especially books, magazines or newspapers.

  2. Browse (book, magazine or newspaper)

  3. Divide (software or data) into sections, save the most used ones in central memory, and save the rest in virtual memory.

  4. Assign numbers to pagination pages (of books or magazines).

  5. The ability to open a hotel, doors, etc. to work or employ in a hotel

  6. Call (someone's) public address system to send a message.

Sentences of PAGE
  1. A book of at least 40 pages

  2. I got out of a big pile of Sunday papers

  3. In addition, Nvidia announced that the driver's release on May 21 will significantly improve performance during audio operations, as the driver uses less bandwidth due to memory paging optimization.

  4. Some bad outsourcing quotes.

  5. With all the panic in my stomach, I went out the door, where the Italians were waiting for me, took me to the back room and let me in.

  6. You don't have to interrupt the background music just to call the police

Synonyms of PAGE

ask for, call, leaf, call for, sheet, errand boy, send for, summon, side, messenger boy, broadcast for, pageboy, folio