Decision Support Systems (DSS)

Decision Support Systems (DSS),

What is Decision Support Systems (DSS)?

Decision Support System (DSS) is a computerized program that supports decisions, reviews, and action plans in an organization or company. DSS filters and analyzes large amounts of data and gathers extensive information that can be used to solve problems and make decisions.

  • Decision Support System (DSS) is a computerized system that collects and analyzes data to compile comprehensive information reports.
  • Decision support systems are different from normal business applications in that their role is simply to collect data.
  • Decision-making systems enable more informed decision-making, faster problem solving, and greater efficiency in problem solving or operations, planning, and even management.

Literal Meanings of Decision Support Systems (DSS)


Meanings of Decision:
  1. Results or decisions that will be made after the exam.

Synonyms of Decision

arbitration, settlement, option, adjudication, decree, selection, ruling, verdict, injunction, rule, adjudgement, resolution, pronouncement, choice, commitment, results, findings, recommendation, order, conclusion, sentence, resolve, judgement, finding, arbitrament, determination


Meanings of Support:
  1. Take part or all of the restriction weight.

  2. Offer help, especially financial help.

  3. Allows the use or operation of (program, language or device) (via computer or operating system).

  4. Resistance to survival.

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  6. Material help

  7. Evidence is used to confirm something.

Sentences of Support
  1. The dome is supported by a hundred white pillars.

  2. The government donates 2.5 2.5 billion annually to support the volunteer sector.

  3. The study supports our findings.

  4. The best mount tripod for the camera.

  5. Banks provide perfect financial support.

  6. This research supports both theories.

Synonyms of Support

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Meanings of Systems:
  1. A set of things that work together as part of a complex interconnection or network mechanism.

  2. A set of principles or methods by which something is done in an organized scheme or way.

  3. The prevailing political or social order, especially if viewed as oppressive and stubborn.

  4. A series of toothpicks in a key-linked score.

Sentences of Systems
  1. Public school system

Synonyms of Systems

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Meanings of DSS:
  1. Decision making system

  2. (Former UK) Department of Social Security

  3. A collection of data and related software that is needed for analysis and decision making in an organization.