Decision support system (DSS)

Decision support system (DSS),

Definition of Decision support system (DSS):

  1. Computer system designed to provide assistance in determining and evaluating alternative courses of action. A DSS (1) acquires data from the mass of routine transactions of a firm, (2) analyzes it with advanced statistical techniques to extract meaningful information, and (3) narrows down the range of choices by applying rules based on decision theory. Its objective is facilitation of what if analysis and not replacement of a managers judgment.

  2. A set of related computer programs and the data required to assist with analysis and decision-making within an organization.

How to use Decision support system (DSS) in a sentence?

  1. When the time comes that you must make up your mind you need a good decision support system on your side.
  2. The newly launched search engine has a state of the art decision support system built in to the coding to give users the best search matches and facilitators the strongest data analytics.
  3. Relatively few people had read the guideline content within the computerised decision support system.
  4. I did not like consulting the decision support system because I wanted humans to give us opinions and not a computer.

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