Decision Consequence

Decision Consequence,

What is Decision Consequence?

The definition of Decision Consequence is: Process analysis, which usually helps decision makers and oil exporters in the pharmaceutical industry to decide where to invest resources such as time, money, etc.

Literal Meanings of Decision Consequence


Meanings of Decision:
  1. Test results or resolutions.

Sentences of Decision
  1. I will make my own decisions

Synonyms of Decision

settlement, resolve, conclusion, resolution, commitment, determination


Meanings of Consequence:
  1. The result or effect of an action or condition.

  2. Meaning or relevance.

Sentences of Consequence
  1. Many were barred from administrative guidelines

  2. It doesn't matter what the past is

Synonyms of Consequence

significance, outcome, moment, repercussion, seriousness, interest, weight, by-product, momentousness, reverberations, note, importance, product, culmination, gravity, end result, weightiness, corollary, aftermath, end, mark, concern, import, conclusion, fruits, upshot, ramification, denouement