Definition of Debt:

  1. A duty or obligation to pay money, deliver goods, or render service under an express or implied agreement. One who owes, is a debtor or debitor; one to whom it is owed, is a debtee, creditor, or lender.

    Use of debt in an organizations financial structure creates financial leverage that can multiply yield on investment provided returns generated by debt exceed its cost. Because the interest paid on debt can be written off as an expense, debt is normally the cheapest type of long-term financing.

  2. Something, typically money, that is owed or due.

Synonyms of Debt

Accountability, Accountable, Answerable for, Arrearage, Arrears, Beholden, Borrowing, Debit, Debtor, Default, Deficit, Delinquency, Due, Encumbered, Encumbrance, Financing, Hire purchase, Hitting, Hitting-up, Hocking, In arrears, In debt, In hock, In the red, Indebted, Indebtedness, Installment buying, Installment plan, Liability, Liable, Money-raising, Mortgaging, Nonpayment, Obligation, Owing, Pawning, Pledging, Responsibility, Responsible, Sin, Straitened, Touching, Under obligation, Wickedness, Wrong, Bill, Account, Tally, Financial obligation, Outstanding payment, Amount due, Money owing

How to use Debt in a sentence?

  1. My family was in debt , so I had to get a second job in order to help them out with finances and their well being.
  2. Because I spent more money than I made every month, it didnt take long before I was seriously in debt .
  3. I paid off my debts.
  4. We analyzed our debt and decided we could leverage our company better to most efficiently take advantage of the opportunity.

Meaning of Debt & Debt Definition