Debt negotiation

Debt negotiation,

Definition of Debt negotiation:

  1. Process between an individual who owes money and the creditor they owe money to for communicating different options of settling the amount owed. Debt negotiation often results in the debtor paying less than the total amount owed, as in a debt settlement, or a new payment plan designed to make it easier for the debtor to make payments on the amount owed.

  2. The action or process of transferring legal ownership of a document.

  3. Discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

Synonyms of Debt negotiation

Discussion, Discussions, Talks, Consultation, Consultations, Parleying, Deliberation, Deliberations, Conference, Debate, Dialogue

How to use Debt negotiation in a sentence?

  1. A worldwide ban is currently under negotiation.
  2. A detailed review of the lease negotiation is necessary to determine this issue.

Meaning of Debt negotiation & Debt negotiation Definition