Debt Exposure

Debt Exposure,

Debt Exposure Definition:

  • A loan that the lender does not pay if it is lost to the lender.

Literal Meanings of Debt Exposure


Meanings of Debt:
  1. Some, usually money, loans or debts.

Synonyms of Debt

money owing, tally, account, financial obligation, bill, amount due, outstanding payment


Meanings of Exposure:
  1. The state of being related to something.

  2. Disclosure of identities or facts, especially those that are hidden or disliked.

  3. Exhibition of photographic film with light or other radiation.

  4. The direction facing the building in view.

Sentences of Exposure
  1. Dangers of asbestos exposure

  2. A camera that takes pictures immediately after being exposed

  3. The exhibition is perfect: a slight slope to the southwest

Synonyms of Exposure

display, laying open, unmasking, subjection, outlook, uncovering, submission, aspect, unveiling, showing, direction, frontage, view, disclosure, manifestation, vulnerability, exhibition, revelation