Definition of Death:

  1. The action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

  2. Although there is no universally accepted definition of death, a 1971 Kansas State statute comes close: A person will be considered medically and legally dead if, in the opinion of a physician, based on ordinary standard of medical practice, there is the absence of spontaneous brain function..

Synonyms of Death

Demise, Dying, End, Passing, Passing away, Passing on, Loss of life, Expiry, Expiration, Departure from life, Final exit, Eternal rest, Azrael, Black Death, Death, Grim Reaper, Pale Death, Reaper, Z, Angel of death, Annihilation, Apodosis, Bane, Caducity, Casualty, Catastrophe, Ceasing, Cessation, Changeableness, Coda, Conclusion, Consummation, Corruptibility, Crack of doom, Crossbones, Crossing the bar, Culmination, Curtain, Curtains, Death knell, Deathblow, Decease, Demise, Denouement, Destination, Destiny, Destruction, Dissolution, Doom, Downfall, Dying, Effect, End, End point, Ending, Envoi, Ephemerality, Ephemeralness, Epilogue, Eradication, Eschatology, Evanescence, Expiration, Expiry, Extermination, Extinction, Extirpation, Fatal, Fate, Final solution, Final twitch, Final words, Finale, Finality, Finis, Finish, Finitude, Fleetingness, Fugacity, Goal, Grave, Grim reaper, Impermanence, Impermanency, Instability, Izzard, Last, Last breath, Last gasp, Last things, Last trumpet, Last words, Latter end, Liquidation, Memento mori, Momentariness, Mortality, Mutability, Obliteration, Omega, Pale horse, Pale rider, Passing, Payoff, Period, Perishability, Peroration, Quietus, Resolution, Resting place, Ruin, Sickle of Death, Silence, Skull, Skull and crossbones, Sleep, Stoppage, Stopping place, Swan song, Term, Terminal, Termination, Terminus, That fell sergeant, That grim ferryman, Transience, Transiency, Transientness, Transitoriness, Undoing, Volatility, White cross, Windup

How to use Death in a sentence?

  1. An increase in deaths from skin cancer.

Meaning of Death & Death Definition