Definition of Dearth:

  1. Situation where the supply is relatively low, and there is difficulty in meeting demand. For example, the movie industry often has a dearth in opportunities for the number of willing actors who want to be featured in a movie.

  2. A scarcity or lack of something.

Synonyms of Dearth

Absence, Aridity, Barrenness, Birth control, Contraception, Default, Defect, Deficiency, Dry womb, Dryness, Exiguity, Exiguousness, Family planning, Famine, Impotence, Inadequacy, Ineffectualness, Infecundity, Infertility, Infrequency, Insufficiency, Lack, Meagerness, Miss, Need, Paucity, Planned parenthood, Poverty, Privation, Rareness, Rarity, Scant sufficiency, Scantiness, Scantness, Scarceness, Scarcity, Shortage, Sparseness, Sparsity, Sterileness, Sterility, Uncommonness, Unfertileness, Unfruitfulness, Unproductiveness, Want, Withered loins, Lack, Scarcity, Scarceness, Shortage, Shortfall, Want, Deficiency, Insufficiency, Inadequacy, Paucity, Sparseness, Meagreness, Scantiness, Rareness, Infrequency, Uncommonness, Destitution, Privation

How to use Dearth in a sentence?

  1. There is a dearth of evidence.

Meaning of Dearth & Dearth Definition