Dealers Licence

Dealers Licence,

Dealers Licence:

Dealers Licence means, The Australian Securities Commission has issued a license under the Corporation Act for anyone involved in securities trading or securities or investment advice. License may be subject to conditions, including liquidity requirements.

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Meanings of Dealers:
  1. People who buy and sell things.

  2. The player who deals the cards at the beginning of the game.

Sentences of Dealers
  1. Foreign Postal Dealer

  2. At the beginning of the game, the dealer distributes to each player until the end of the game.

Synonyms of Dealers

buyer, tradesperson, vendor, retailer, seller, merchandiser, shopkeeper, wholesaler, tradesman, distributor, salesman, salesperson, merchant, trafficker, buyer and seller, hawker, pedlar, marketer, saleswoman, marketeer, purveyor, trader, supplier


Meanings of Licence:
  1. Issuance of a license by a state-owned company or for use, specialization or business (especially in the field of liquor)

  2. Freedom to act arbitrarily, especially in a way that results in excessive or unacceptable treatment.

Sentences of Licence
  1. Weapons license

  2. The government has been criticized for issuing too many licenses to the military.

Synonyms of Licence

entitlement, imprimatur, exemption, permission, prerogative, privilege, discretion, voucher, right, a free hand, documentation, permit, authority, document, consent, leave, mandate, assent, diploma, approval, blessing, certificate, warrant