Definition of Deadhead:

  1. A sunken or partially submerged log.

  2. A boring or unenterprising person.

  3. Remove dead flower heads from (a plant) to encourage further blooming.

  4. (of a commercial driver, etc.) complete a trip without paying passengers or freight.

  5. A passenger or member of an audience with a free ticket.

  6. Distance or period during which a for-hire vehicle is traveling without generating revenue for its owner.

  7. A fan and follower of the rock group the Grateful Dead.

How to use Deadhead in a sentence?

  1. I just wanted to let you all know we have announced our deadhead ticket giveaway.
  2. The Deadhead hard core shadows the band, selling tie-dyes and beads.
  3. Young plants should be deadheaded after flowering so that the energy they would have spent on fruit or seed then goes into more shoots.
  4. Another hazard to keep in mind during the pre-spawn is deadheads under the water.

Meaning of Deadhead & Deadhead Definition