De Que Estan Hechas Las Salchichas

De Que Estan Hechas Las Salchichas

What are sausages made of? ۔

Someone from there says they are made of worms.

Consumers are accustomed to eating meat every day. In addition, it is popular in many other foods such as fish. The food industry takes advantage of this taste to offer meat in a variety of amazing ways. The form of external service of these foods and the list of ingredients on the label set them apart. These pcts are practically identical. Different additives vary in quality, color and appearance and allow marketing of different products.

From lean meat, mixed with other animal ingredients (bacon or liver) and with additives, most charcoal products are made, from sausage and bologna to sausage and pie. However, it should be noted that the current trend of manufacturers adding lean meats such as chicken and turkey to their ingredients is leading to a growing search among citizens for healthy and low-fat foods.

There is a simple explanation of the different types of yukto in the market. Generally, fresh meat (and its preparation) is preferred over other fresh foods such as fish. Figures from the 2006 Consumer Panel, produced annually by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MEPA), confirm this trend. The analysis shows that twice as much fresh meat (39 kg per person) is used as compared to fresh fish and seafood (16 kg per person). In addition, there is consumer participation in meat products offered by the food industry in the name of processed meat and its consumption has increased to about .5 10.5 kg per capita, this preferential price is the same as last year. ۔ These products include sausage, processed meat and sausage products such as ham, as well as cooked food products such as bologna, york ham, cold kits, sausage and others.

Same thing

Read the ingredients of all these products in detail to understand that in fact, you are eating the same thing, even if the food is theoretically different. Ceramic sludge contains the same ingredients in its composition, in different proportions. Because of this, they are available in different order in the list of ingredients. We found a similar blend of bologna, frankincense sausage and pork. Similarly, they all have the same ingredients as pork liver.

In general, manufacturers play by proportion to obtain different products. And although the law defines a subgroup between meat products and approved ingredients and additives, the structure between them is practically the same. Furthermore, the example of uctos fils is practically identical:

Cecilian Mortadella: Pork (although it can be turkey or chicken), bacon, skin, water, starch, salt, sugar, flavored, dextrose, spices, soy protein, stabilizers, antioxidants, dyes, powders on preservatives Contains

Bologna Mortadella: Different from the previous one where Hegado is included (although it depends on the brand). The most common ingredients in restaurants are pork, water, potato starch, protein and, pork liver, salt, soy protein, dextrose, spices, flavors, stabilizers, antioxidants, sugar, preservatives and dyes.

Frankert Sausage: Meat separated from chicken, turkey and pork, bacon, skin, water, starch, salt, sugar, antioxidants, stabilizers, spices and preservatives.

Pork Liver Roll: After reading the ingredient lists for some pie samples, it is clear that the only distinguishing ingredient is the liver, which gives the uteo number. Contains bacon, liver and lean pork, water, salt, flour, protein E, stabilizers, flavors, lactose, preservatives and spices. Tamén is a mr (monosodium glutamate) agent.

Boiled ham: Even after reading the list of ingredients of this product, it was found that although the main ingredient is pork, it also contains additives like other Cornish derivatives that make it SR, juicy, appearance. And provide textures that guarantee it. Shelf life. In addition to pork, it usually contains water, salt, stabilizers, sugar, gelling agents, spices, flavors, antioxidants and preservatives.

For example, you can see how the product is made primarily from pork (as well as other animal parts such as bacon, skin or liver) and a long list of ingredients and additives. Below, there is no shortage of water and starch (to make and maintain a mixture between meat and water)

For meat XDDDDDDD.

Because I know about pork or turkey.

De Que Estan Hechas Las Salchichas