De jure corporation

De jure corporation,

Definition of De jure corporation:

  1. Fully formed incorporated company, recognized in law as a corporation for all purposes.

  2. A de jure corporation is a fully incorporated company. To be considered de jure, the company must have fulfilled all of the statutory requirements for properly forming a corporation. An entity gains many advantages from becoming a corporation such as easier access to capital and limited liability.

  3. De jure, meaning "a matter of law," indicates that a corporation is a valid legal entity and entitled to hold regular board of director’s meetings, issue stock to shareholders, and conduct business.

How to use De jure corporation in a sentence?

  1. In some cases, a company might fail to meet all of the statutory requirements but might be awarded de facto protection.
  2. A company might receive Estoppel protection if it has been doing business with a firm that has assumed it is a de jure company. The assuming firm cannot then later challenge the corporate status of the firm with which it has been doing business.
  3. A de jure corporation has fulfilled all the statutory requirements to be a valid legal entity with limited liability protection.

Meaning of De jure corporation & De jure corporation Definition