Dated date

Dated date,

Definition of Dated date:

  1. Dates are often used to identify a particular series of issuer securities. This is the date on which interest is charged on fixed income securities. Investors who are guaranteed a fixed return between the dates of payment of interest will have to pay the seller or the payer in addition to the nominal price from the date of purchase or the date of the contract.

  2. Investors buy bonds from companies, governments and local authorities for interest income. Many bondholders offer regular coupon guarantees or interest payments until the bond matures. For example, a security with a face value of $ 1000 and a 5% coupon payable every six months pays the investor 5 5/2 x $ 1,000 = $ 25 every six months. For example, a newly issued security was sold in January 2018 and expires on February 1, 2023. If interest is scheduled to be paid on February 1 and August 1 of each year until security is tight, then February 1, 2018. The investor receives his first $ 25 on the first coupon day, August 1, 2018. Therefore, the first period of the coupon is from date to date. Date of first coupon.

  3. Original release date for new securities, as determined by your users. This may be different from the release date.

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