Definition of Datagram:

  1. A data packet in an Internet Protocol network which carries its own routing information for passage through the network and which does not generate an acknowledgement when received.

  2. Self-contained packet of data that carries with it the source and destination information for correct routing. Datagram travels from a source computer (such as a website server) to a destination computer (client or user computer) via a packet-switched network (such as the internet), independent of any previous or subsequent communication between the two computers. The source computer need not establish a direct connection with the destination computer, and can send each data packet through any available route.

How to use Datagram in a sentence?

  1. I studied the datagram for a little while and then got bored and then decided it was time to try something else instead.
  2. It was built into the system that the datagram was sent instantly through the network without any prior or subsequent notification between the respective network terminals.
  3. When changing the maximum transmission unit size of your network interface card, take into account the 28 bytes of datagram packet overhead.

Meaning of Datagram & Datagram Definition