Data file

Data file,

Definition of Data file:

  1. A file containing data, as opposed (in Computing) to program instructions.

  2. General: Electronic file containing digitized audio/video, graphic, or text information arranged in a coded form (and a specific file format) dictated by the program that created it. It can be read or used only by the same (or a compatible) program, and is distinct from a program file (which contains executable code).

  3. Database: Part of a database consisting of several data records. Several data files make up a database.

How to use Data file in a sentence?

  1. In order edit your video, you must first locate and then import the appropriate data file from your hard drive.
  2. Elliott panicked for a moment, convinced he had sent the wrong data file to his office -- but a quick check of his Sent Mail folder proved otherwise, much to his relief.
  3. The data file was corrupted and needed to be moved to a different area of the simulation in order to work again.

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