Data dictionary

Data dictionary,

Definition of Data dictionary:

  1. Database in database. The Database Dictionary itself defines the structure of the database (not the data contained in the database) and is used to monitor and maintain large databases. Among other things, (1) the stored data, (2) the name, description and characteristics of each data item, (3) the type of relationship between the data items, (4) the access rights and the frequency of access registered. Also known as a system dictionary when used in the context of system design.

  2. A collection of information that describes the content, shape and structure of a database and the relationships between its elements and is used to control database access and manipulation.

How to use Data dictionary in a sentence?

  1. It is unlikely that a standard solution, be it a data dictionary or a protocol, method or format, will be as effective for a particular application as the appropriate solution for that application.
  2. To find out the exact number and statistics, I had to go to the data dictionary and see for myself.
  3. Using a data dictionary can make your job easier if you have a lot of information and have trouble saving it.
  4. During the meeting, our company's board of directors referred to the data dictionary to better describe the situation.

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