Dasani Lemon Water

Dasani Lemon Water

Is lemon water safe for dogs to drink ...? 3

It is said to be a natural lemon flavored water drink, sweetened with Splenda.

0 calories, 0 g, 30 mg (1%) sodium, 0 g protein.


He drank only plain water. I'd love to bind it once in a while ... and since I like lemonade (especially when it's cold), I need to know if it's safe to drink. ۔ The doctor's office is not open until tomorrow and a special phone number is provided for emergencies. If I'm not sure, I won't give you anything new. So I confirmed to the doctor that I gave him noni juice and aka.

I am going to talk to my doctor to make sure he is not in pain.

Do not give your dog anything like lemons and splendor without your veterinarian's approval. I want to know why you dared to do that. Calm water is better.

Call your rebellious veterinarian for answers.

Lemon Dasani.

No artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame. Toxic in certain amounts. Why don't you water the dog?

I know from experience that some people with Splenda have severe abdominal pain. I will not give it to my dog. Dogs can use another synthetic sweetener, xylitol. It is not worth the risk.

Dasani Lemon Water

Dasani Lemon Water

Since you should not give your dog any lemons (such as lemons, oranges, fruits) as it can make him sick and eventually make him sick, he should try to guess and not say ۔

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it's something known as a tasty water, though natural. Buy scented dog water at the pet store.

I think it might be good, just check out your crazy pet store

Dasani Lemon Water