Dartmouth Road Test Route

Dartmouth Road Test Route

Who recently took the road test in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia? ۔

like this? What kind of things do they ask you? How long did it take you to do it, did you find it easy or difficult?

Any help or information is appreciated!

My driving test took 15 minutes, but I heard that some took half an hour.

You will be asked to turn on the arrow, emergency lights, crate pump, etc. To make sure everything is working properly.

You walk around the city (curves and always be careful with sales), stand on a hill (turn the wheels on the sidewalk) and go back to the parking lot (if it's not perfect on the first try), take the time to sit down , You will not lose points for delay). Be sure to read the owner's manual to remind yourself of less obvious rules, such as: B. Don't change lanes near zebra crossings.

I also took the youth test and the provincial test was easy for me.

I now!

Dartmouth Road Test Route