Term used to describe a potential customer who has stopped responding to a message.

Meanings of Dark

  1. Absolute or (more often) relative absence of light.

  2. (about color) Opaque or dark tone, not clear or transparent.

  3. Hidden, secret, dark.

  4. No dark, evil moral or spiritual light.

  5. Promotes oppression or stark despair.

  6. Lack of advancement in the sciences or arts over a of time.

  7. The emphasis on the uncomfortable aspects of life is meant to be fiction, nonfiction presented in narrative form, or part of both.

  8. Total or (more often) partial absence of light.

  9. Ignore.

  10. Dust.

  11. A dark shade or passage in a painting, print, etc.

  12. Grow or darken, darken.

  13. Stay in the dark, wander, hide or hide.

  14. Darker, darker, darker.

Sentences of Dark

  1. The room was too dark to read.

  2. My sister's hair is darker than mine, her skin has darkened from sunburn.

  3. A dark villain is a dark matter.

  4. The Great Depression was a dark time: the film was a dark psychological thriller.

  5. The ending of this book is quite dark.

  6. The darkness completely surrounds us.

  7. The lawyer did not know why the jury was fired.

  8. It was after dark when I started playing baseball.