Danny Trejo Net Worth

Danny Trejo Net Worth

How many restaurants does Danny Trejo have?

Forbes contacted the longtime actor again to evaluate the success of the growing non-movie brand, including the company's eight current restaurants, from Woodland Hills to Pasadena.

What is the name of Danny Trejo's restaurant?

Over the years Trejo has opened several successful restaurants in Los Angeles. His first was Trejos Tacos (2016), followed by Trejos Cantina (2017) and Trejos Coffee & Donuts (2017).

So the question is: how old did Danny Trejo take his time?

11 yearsHow much does Danny Trejo make?

Trejo was born in Echo Park and began his acting career when he landed small roles in films as a boxer. Danny Trejo's net worth is estimated at $ 16 million in 2020. He has made his fortune playing many roles, often anti-hero, villain and hyper-masculine.

Where does Danny Trejo live?

Growing up in Los Angeles and living in the San Fernando Valley, Trejo, 75, made a career out of playing tough and bad guys.

Are Trejos Tacos vegan?

Trejos Tacos - a Mexican restaurant chain owned by Hollywood actor Danny Trejo - has added vegan Beyond Meat to its menu. The chain has partnered with the Californian brand to create two new dishes: Beyond Asada Taco and Beyond Burrito.

What would Trejo do?

Despite bragging rights in Breaking Bad and The XFiles, Trejo knows his film career tastes with titles like Cage, Guns, Maniac Cop 2, Market for Death, Carnal Crimes, Blood In Blood Out, and LA Slasher.

Does Danny Trejo tattoo?

The art behind Danny Trejo's tattoo inks is shaped by strong meaning and an emotional connection with the actor. Most of the tattoos you see on his body were put there when he was in prison and are very gang related, but the most important is on his chest.

Is Danny Trejo vegan?

Besides being a successful Hollywood actor (he has directed over 70 films), Danny Trejo is also passionate about food and tacos. And with a vegan son, Trejo has a soft spot (mussels) for vegan tacos. Trejo owns the famous Los Angeles tacos chain, Trejos Tacos.

Where was Danny Trejo born?

Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

What is Danny DeVito's Net Worth?

Danny DeVito Net Worth: Danny DeVito is an American actor, comedian, director and producer with a net worth of $ 80 million. Danny DeVito was born on November 17, 1944 in Neptune City, New Jersey.

How rich is Kevin Costner?

$ 250 Million What Is Adam Sandler's Net Worth? Sandler became popular when one of his films grossed $ 271 million at the box office. The film made it Sandler's most profitable film. Adam Sandler's net worth is $ 420 million today, making him one of the richest actors and directors in Hollywood.

Danny Trejo does magic?

Cool Chicano Danny Trejo demonstrates his skills in Magic: The Gathering on video. He is an actor, an entrepreneur, a tough guy and Danny Trejo is also a fan of Magic: The Gathering. At least that's what a new video of the popular card game will have us believe. You can watch the video below.

Does Danny Trejo really play Magic The Gathering?

Machete star Danny Trejo was recently featured in the Magic: The Gathering Arena commercial, and now the actor continues to show his love for Magic by donating multiple signed copies of Raymond Swanland's illustrated Trusty Machete card.

What is Machete's real name?

Danny Trejo Spy Kids

What is Danny Trejos' chest tattoo?

Tattoo: Mexican cowgirl tattoo on the chest that goes down to the stomach. Meaning: This chest tattoo is Danny Trejo's signature tattoo that he received while in prison. This impressive work of art covers most of the bust of him. The tattoo shows a woman wearing a sombrero.

Which actor has appeared in most of the films?

Christopher Lee (+280 actor credits) Robert Loggia (+225 actor credits) James Earl Jones (+188 actor credits) Louis Gossett Jr. Donald Sutherland (+176 actor credits) Michael Caine (+ 161 actor credits) Danny Glover (+ 161 credits actor) Is Samuel L.

Machete a spin-off?

In Both Machete and Spy Kids spin-off Danny Trejo plays a character named Machete. Both films were written and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Danny Trejo Net Worth