Damon And Stefan

Damon And Stefan

Which bloodline did Stefan and Damon come from?

Julie Plec previously confirmed that Klaus is the founder of the line from which Stefan, Damon, Caroline and Elena hail.

Likewise, who created Damon and Stefan's lineage?

Marie PorterBy the way, is Stefan Salvatore in the originals?

Stefano Salvatore. Stefan Stef Salvatore is a fictional character of L.J. Forgeron's new series, The Vampire Diaries. He is portrayed by Paul Wesley on the CW television series The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

So who is Stefan and Damon's stepbrother?

Father Zacharias: This nameless Salvatore is the uncle of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. As Damon once said in the third season of 1912, the last name had to go somewhere. Probably Giuseppe Salvatore had an illegitimate child with one of the handmaids after Lily's death.

Whose father is Stefan Salvatore?

It was delivered by the vampire Katerina Petrova in 1864 together with her brother Stefan Salvatore. He had two famous related vampires: Charlotte and Elena Gilbert.

Will Tyler die?

Damon killed Tyler Lockwood in Vampire Diaries, and fans are devastated. Last week, many fans feared Damon had crossed a line he could never cross, and now, after Friday night's An Eternity of Misery episode, the worst has been confirmed. Tyler Lockwood died in The Vampire Diaries.

How old is Damon Salvatore in human years?

Damon was a 178-year-old vampire and a distant descendant of Silas, but is now human because his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, injected him with drugs.

How old is Elena?

Elena was born on June 22, 1992 in Mystic Falls and lived there peacefully for 17 years with her parents Miranda and Grayson Gilbert and her brother Jeremy.

Who made Mary Porter a vampire?

In England in the 15th century, RoseMarie was transformed into a vampire by Mary Porter, known as the original groupie, and replaced by Elijah's younger brother Niklaus.

How did Damon Salvatore die?

Damon was on the other side after his death. In the 1994 prison world with Bonnie, the prison world was designed primarily for KAI Parker, of whom Damon died in episode 22 of the fifth season by losing the travelers who made MYSTERIOUS FALLS the official birthplace.

What happened to Damons Crow?

Only Katherine can control fog and cause side effects (physical paralysis), but in the TV series Damon controls a raven and fog. Damon's power to control crows and fog is no longer used in the series as it is considered too supernatural.

How much older is Damon than Elena?

Since Damon Salvatore is the older brother, born on June 18, 1839. While Stefan Salvatore was born on November 1, 1846, there is a 7-year age difference.

Who is the oldest original?

Elijah Mikaelson

he Is Zach Damon's son?

Fandom can earn commission on sales made via links on this site. Zachary Zach Salvatore was Stefan and Damon Salvatore's cousin and also Sarah Nelson's father. He was a descendant of Stefan and Damon's half-brother.

Does Stefan have a son?

In Stefan's dream, he was an eleven-year-old boy named Jacob who was apparently human. Stefan dreamed of the baby after Valerie revealed that Julian had aborted his fetus. The child would have belonged to the Salvatore family.

Why did Damon kill Lexi?

In the end, it was Damon who killed Lexi. He did this primarily to prevent the Board of Trustees from finding out that he and Stefan were vampires, but he admitted that he also helped him process his guilt for past actions against them.

Are Elena and Damon together?

After a long argument, Elena chooses Stefan, much to Damons' dismay. In the following season Elena realizes that her feelings for Damon can no longer be denied. She and Stefan separate and in the next episode Damon and Elena finally reunite and love each other.

Did Damon and Elena have children?

Damon and Elena have a daughter. And her name is Stefanie Salvatore. The good news, because the last time we saw Damon and Elena they were happy and leading their best lives. But it means that Damon has granted his wish to have children with Elena.

Who created Lily Salvatore?

She was rebuilt in 1858. It took Katherine Pierce 6 years to get to Mystic Falls. She was delivered by a nurse who happened to be a vampire.

Damon And Stefan