Damage To Supplementary Equipment

Damage To Supplementary Equipment.,

Damage To Supplementary Equipment. means,

  1. Theft, loss or destruction of additional insured goods following traffic accidents, fires, explosions, natural disasters and illegal third party actions.

Literal Meanings of Damage To Supplementary Equipment.


Meanings of Damage:
  1. Cause physical (partial) damage that affects its value, use, or normal functioning.

  2. Physical damage caused by something that affects its value, use or normal functioning.

  3. The amount required or given as compensation for loss or damage

Sentences of Damage
  1. The car was badly damaged in the accident

  2. The bombs caused great damage to the city.

  3. He received 28 4,284,000 in damages.

Synonyms of Damage

redress, deface, blight, spoil, injure, reparation, recompense, do damage to, reparations, mangle, harm, vandalization, injury, blemish, mar, defile, mutilate, vandalize, impair, disfigure, restitution, desecrate, destruction, compensation, vandalism


Meanings of To:
  1. Towards Express Movement

  2. Proximity or limit (certain conditions)

  3. Identify the person or thing in question.

  4. It shows that two things are connected.

  5. Anxious or potentially annoying (some specific no summary)

  6. Used to add another item to the competition.

  7. It is used with the basic form of the verb to indicate that the verb is ineffective.

  8. When the loss of a verb is clearly understood, it is used without following the verb.

Sentences of To
  1. Going out in the mall

  2. Christopher's expression turned from surprise to joy.

  3. You are very moderate about it

  4. Married cousin John

  5. He left his motorcycle tied to the fence

  6. There was no such thing before

  7. He threw the door behind him

  8. He told her to come, but he said he didn't want to

Synonyms of To

secure, toward, so as to approach, secured, fastened, firmly fixed, in the direction of, so as to near, to, tight


Meanings of Supplementary:
  1. Extra people or things.

  2. Add or correct some

Sentences of Supplementary
  1. Indeed. We are a tripartite panel and different panelists will consider different issues, but we may ask for additional information to ensure that the areas where we need the most information can be found.

  2. The work of the center should be seen as an alternative to Orthodox medicine.

Synonyms of Supplementary

more, increased, reserves, additional police, additional troops, supplementaries, additional, supplemental, extra, auxiliaries, further, fresh troops


Meanings of Equipment:
  1. Items for certain use. Are required.

Sentences of Equipment
  1. Office Equipment Supplier

Synonyms of Equipment

impedimenta, articles, apparatus, paraphernalia, appliances