Definition of Daily:

  1. A woman who is employed to clean someones house each day.

  2. The first prints from cinematographic takes, made rapidly for movie producers or editors; the rushes.

  3. Every day.

  4. A newspaper published every day except Sunday.

  5. Done, produced, or occurring every day or every weekday.

  6. Available or issued on an everyday basis, except perhaps on weekends. Some newspapers call their weekday editions as daily editions, and weekend editions as Saturday edition and Sunday edition.

Synonyms of Daily

Attendant, Retainer, Every day, Seven days a week, Periodical, Publication, Magazine, Gazette, Digest, Professional organ, Review, Newsletter, News-sheet, Bulletin, Always, Annual, At all times, Biannual, Biennial, Bimonthly, Biweekly, Catamenial, Ceaselessly, Centenary, Centennial, Circadian, Common, Commonplace, Constantly, Continually, Continuously, Cyclically, Daily and hourly, Daily newspaper, Day after day, Day and night, Day by day, Daybook, Decennial, Diary, Diurnal, Ephemeris, Epochally, Ever, Ever and anon, Every day, Every hour, Every moment, Everyday, Extra, Extra edition, Fortnightly, Gazette, Habitually, Hebdomadal, Hour after hour, Hour by hour, Hourly, In time, Incessantly, Journal, Magazine, Menstrual, Momentary, Momently, Month after month, Monthly, National newspaper, Neighborhood newspaper, News, Newsmagazine, Newspaper, Newspaper of record, Night and day, On and on, On the beat, Ordinary, Organ, Paper, Perennially, Periodical, Periodically, Perpetually, Pictorial, Quarterly, Quotidian, Rag, Rapidly, Recurrently, Regular, Regularly, Review, Rhythmically, Right along, Routine, Seasonally, Secular, Semestral, Semiannual, Semimonthly, Semiweekly, Semiyearly, Serial, Sheet, Slick magazine, Special, Special edition, Steadily, Sustainedly, Synchronously, Tabloid, Tertian, Trade magazine, Triennial, Unceasingly, Unintermittently, Uninterruptedly, Unvaryingly, Weekly, Weekly newspaper, Without cease, Without letup, Without stopping, Year after year, Yearbook, Yearly, Done every day, Occurring every day, Produced every day, Everyday, Day-to-day, Quotidian

How to use Daily in a sentence?

  1. The museum is open daily.
  2. A daily newspaper.

Meaning of Daily & Daily Definition