Cyclical Unemployment

Cyclical Unemployment,

What is The Meaning of Cyclical Unemployment?

A simple definition of Cyclical Unemployment is: Cyclical Unemployment is a component of general unemployment that results in economic downturns and recovery cycles. Unemployment usually rises and falls during economic expansion. The slowdown in unemployment during the recession is one of the main drivers of economic science and a number of policy tools that the government uses to mobilize the economy.

  • Cyclical unemployment is the effect of economic stagnation or expansion on the overall unemployment rate.
  • Cyclical unemployment usually rises during the recession and decreases during economic expansion and is the main focus of economic policy.
  • Cyclical unemployment is one of the many factors that contribute to general unemployment, including seasonal, structural, frictional and unfounded factors.

Literal Meanings of Cyclical Unemployment


Meanings of Cyclical:
  1. It runs again and again.

Sentences of Cyclical
  1. The cyclical nature of the cement industry

Synonyms of Cyclical

recurrent, recurring, happening at regular intervals, regular, repeated, repetitive


Meanings of Unemployment:
  1. Unemployment conditions.

Sentences of Unemployment
  1. Drug addiction, unemployment and stigma are among our many challenges.

Synonyms of Unemployment

redundancy, dismissal, discharge