Cycle count

Cycle count,

Definition of Cycle count:

  1. Periodic inventory system audit-practice in which different portions of an inventory are counted or physically checked on a continuous schedule. Each portion is counted at a definite, preset frequency to ensure counting of each item at least once in an accounting period (usually an year). Fast-moving or more expensive items are counted more often than slower moving or less expensive ones, and certain items are counted every day. Also called cycle inventory.

How to use Cycle count in a sentence?

  1. Once in a great while we did a cycle count which was essential, but it took a really long time and was very boring.
  2. You need to understand how the cycle count will affect your product and adapt to how the customers perceive it.
  3. You should try to follow the cycle count and stay close to it so that you will know you are proceeding in the correct way.

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