Cyberspace Liability

Cyberspace Liability,

Cyberspace Liability:

  1. The term used to describe the risk of liability involves communicating or doing business online. Possible responsibilities are Internet and email. Online communication tools can lead to complaints about data protection violations, intellectual property infringement or abuse, discrimination at work, disrespect violations, the spread of computer viruses and defamation. A media liability guide is available for this exhibition.

Literal Meanings of Cyberspace Liability


Meanings of Cyberspace:
  1. Theoretical environment in which communication takes place through computer networks.

Sentences of Cyberspace
  1. I stayed in cyberspace for a few minutes.


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The person or thing whose presence or behavior causes embarrassment or harm.

Synonyms of Liability

inconvenience, nuisance, handicap, legal responsibility, hindrance, answerability, responsibility, burden, encumbrance, accountability