Definition of Cyberslacking:

  1. Cyberslacking refers to an employee’s use of work computers and other resources during work hours for non-work-related purposes. When an employee is cyberslacking, he or she will generally use these resources for personal affairs and for entertainment purposes. .

  2. A term used to describe the increased use of the internet on company computers by employees for their personal use or entertainment. The practice, which accelerated with the advent of broadband internet connections, is estimated to cost employers over $1 billion a year in lost productivity, added security costs, and staff replacement.

  3. Because many companies need (and sometimes profit off the use of) the internet, cyberslacking has become more prevalent. And because most firms are connected, it sometimes becomes more difficult to tell when someone is cyberslacking, at least upfront. Many employers can track usage, though, to find out how employees are using their time online. .

Meaning of Cyberslacking & Cyberslacking Definition