Definition of Customs:

  1. The official department that administers and collects the duties levied by a government on imported goods.

  2. Government agency entrusted with enforcement of laws and regulations to collect and protect import-revenues, and to regulate and document the flow of goods in and out of the country. Not to be confused with custom.

Synonyms of Customs

Internal Revenue Service, VAT, Ad valorem duty, Alcohol tax, Amusement tax, Assessment on default, Assessor, Capital gains tax, Capitation, Capitation tax, Corporation tax, Customhouse, Customs duty, Death duty, Death tax, Doomage, Duty, Estate duty, Estate tax, Excess profits tax, Excise, Excise tax, Exciseman, Export tax, Farmer, Federal tax, Gabelle, Gift tax, Head tax, Import tax, Income tax, Inheritance tax, Internal revenue tax, Land tax, Liquor tax, Local tax, Luxury tax, Nuisance tax, Personal property tax, Poll, Poll tax, Property tax, Property-increment tax, Protective tariff, Provincial tax, Publican, Rates, Revenue tariff, Revenuer, Sales tax, Salt tax, School tax, Severance tax, Specific duty, State tax, Tariff, Tariff duty, Tax assessor, Tax collector, Tax farmer, Taxer, Taxman, Telephone tax, Use tax, Value added tax, Window tax

How to use Customs in a sentence?

  1. Cocaine seizures by customs have risen this year.
  2. The customs officers at the airport insisted on knowing what was in my bag, and then they confiscated it for further investigation.
  3. At the airport, the customs officer confiscated the Brian�s duffel bag because he suspected Brian was trying to smuggle narcotics into the country.
  4. When traveling for the first time it is important to do research beforehand to learn the customs and habits of the new culture so that they do not offend anyone.

Meaning of Customs & Customs Definition

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