Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

A review of a product or service posted by a customer who has experienced or used the product or service. Customer reviews typically rate and describe the functionality, ease of use, and perceived value for money of a product or service.

Literal Meanings of Customer Reviews


Meanings of Customer:
  1. A user, a customer who purchases, or intends to purchase, a product or service from a business or retailer.

  2. A person, especially a person who interacts with others in some way.

Sentences of Customer
  1. Every passerby is a potential buyer.

  2. Great customer, tough customer, customer.


Meanings of Reviews:
  1. A second or subsequent reading of a text or artifact to gain new knowledge.

  2. Narrative as a critical evaluation of a text or work.

  3. Judicial review of a case or event.

  4. Configuration of thematic sketches, etc.

  5. Overview of available items or materials.

  6. A magazine devoted to art or some other subject.

  7. Military inspection or parade in favor of superiors or personalities.

  8. Forensic inspection to assess compliance with specific standards or codes.

  9. Research much further.

  10. Write a review of a new artwork, etc. Write a review.

  11. Come back to correct or edit to review.

  12. Review (something that has already been written or learned), especially to prepare for an exam.

  13. See or see again to remember.

  14. Come back to start over.

Sentences of Reviews
  1. I have to read the book before I can understand it.

  2. The newspaper review is full of praise for the work.

  3. The victims demanded a full judicial review of the case.

  4. The Cambridge Footlights Review showed many faces of Monty Python.

  5. The magazine featured a review of Parisian restaurants.

  6. The Times Literary Review is published in London.

  7. The troops have gathered for control by the Queen.

  8. Regulators have called for an overhaul of the NYSE's practices.

  9. Before tackling this topic directly, I must briefly dwell on historical approaches to the problem.

  10. The critic assesses each new work in London.

Customer Reviews