Customer Detail

Customer Detail

Second step in the Excel CRM tool. At this point, the closer the client's pain can be balanced with the solution.

Literal Meanings of Customer Detail


Meanings of Customer:
  1. A user, a customer who purchases, or intends to purchase, a product or service from a business or retailer.

  2. A person, especially a person who interacts with others in some way.

Sentences of Customer
  1. Every passerby is a potential buyer.

  2. Great customer, tough customer, customer.


Meanings of Detail:
  1. Something small enough to escape casual attention.

  2. Wealth of detail.

  3. Little things that can escape casual attention.

  4. Something considered trivial enough to be ignored.

  5. Name, address and other personal information of a person.

  6. (Law enforcement) Temporary entity or task.

  7. An individual sign, fact, or other element, considered separately from the whole to which it belongs.

  8. A story that tells dots, a story that is about details.

  9. Selected part of the image.

  10. Explain in detail.

  11. Thorough cleaning (especially of road vehicles) (always pronounced /ˈdiːteɪl/).

  12. Assignment of a specific task.

Sentences of Detail
  1. Note the small detail in the lower left corner.

  2. This print is full of fine details.

  3. I will not go into the accounting details.

  4. The detainee asked the suspect for his contact details.

  5. I will explain the exact procedure later.

  6. We need a minibus.

Customer Detail