Definition of Custom:

  1. Make regular contact with a store or company through a customer.

  2. A traditional and generally accepted way of doing or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place or time.

  3. Made or made to order for a specific user.

  4. A set of behaviors or patterns that have been established in a particular community, location, or company by people in their area through long and mandatory use. Legal rituals should not be valid, reasonable, illegal and from ancient times (see from ancient times). Which is customized and used. Don't get bogged down in habits.

Synonyms of Custom

Manner, Folktale, Decorum, Fashion, Levy, Specially, Proceeding, Address, Bienseance, To order, Vogue, Fixture, Usage, Wont, Common law, Peculiarity, Folk motif, Decency, Modus vivendi, Machine-made, Conventionalism, Trend, Grown, Tax, Conformity, Traffic, Civility, Carriage trade, Ancient wisdom, Tradition, Institution, Observance, Well-constructed, Repute, Rural market, Convention, Tradition, Handcrafted, Folkway, Manners, Observable behavior, Prefab, Manner, Forged, Procedure, Precept, Guise, Duty, Good name, Usage, Form, Prefabricated, Methodology, Fabricated, Behavior, Form, Mode, Behavioral norm, Processed, Swim, Shaped, Created, Support, Correctness, Mishnah, Cast, Tone, Air, Procedure, Tactics, Impost, Rubric, Ready-made, Way, Manufactured, Formed, Conduct, Built, Ordinance, Talmud, Presence, Support, Custom-made, Gathered, Way of life, Refined, Haute couture, Proper thing, Fashioned, Good form, Ritual, Crafted, Customs, Machined, Formality, Public, Activity, Practice, Social usage, Habit, Pose, Posture, Affectation, Deportment, Clientage, Archetypal pattern, Port, Stereotype, Suburban market, Social science, Spiritus Mundi, Use, Gestures, Traditionality, Trade, High fashion, Motions, Social convention, Trade, Method, Ritual, Maintien, Made, Law, Doings, Propriety, Behavior pattern, Raised, Bon ton, Put together, Action, Conventional usage, Sunna, Canon, Poise, Comportment, Second nature, Excise, Traditionalism, Particularly, Made to order, Legend, Smelted, Behavioral science, Mien, Characteristic, Toll, Mythology, Conventionality, Myth, Convention, Ready-prepared, Demeanor, Habit pattern, Matter of course, Stereotyped behavior, Expressly, Ready-for-wear, Convenance, Style, Dues, Bad habit, Pattern, Ceremony, Automatism, Youth market, Ways, Acts, Tariff, Business, Folklore, Prescription, Man-made, Market, Archetypal myth, Practice, Immemorial usage, Purchasing public, Consuetude, Handmade, Creature of habit, Harvested, Patronage, Routine, Actions, Assembled, Goodwill, Bearing, Exclusively, Homemade, Formality, Seemliness, Way, Prevailing taste, Doing, Force of habit, Goings-on, Milled, Patronage, Well-built, Mode, Racial memory, Lore, Clientele, Precedent, Tailor-made, Especially, Fashion, Well-made, Carriage, Homespun, Ready-formed, Stream of fashion, Mined, Rule, Mold, Ready-to-wear, Extracted, Decorousness, Moves, Constructed, Methods, Business, Movements, Etiquette, Praxis, Culture pattern, Trick, Molded, Habitude, Custom-built

How to use Custom in a sentence?

  1. If you keep waiting for me, I'll take my habit elsewhere.
  2. Old English mast dance tradition.
  3. When traveling to another country and learning new and foreign cultures, it is important to learn all the important customs so that you are not seen as rude.
  4. As usual, her owner made a new cup of coffee every morning and began reading the articles on her desk.
  5. Special guitar.
  6. The man greeted another man as he entered the field, thinking it was his habit.

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