Custom Prefab Homes

Homes companies offer various environmentally sustainable home options, including solar roofing panels, passive solar heating systems, recycled appliances, natural gas, and water heaters, hardwood flooring engineered with sustainable hardwood fibers, and low or zero water demand plumbing and fixtures.

Custom Prefab
The standard home designs for custom prefab

Types of custom prefab homes

Homes come in two forms, those manufactured in a factory and those delivered by a crane.

The manufactured home designs can be shipped from the factory directly to your site or be delivered by a crane. Both methods have significant advantages over the standard home designs. Shipping by a crane can provide a more expeditious solution and can often reduce construction time by several months.

Visualize your dream home and we will realize it for you

Standard home designs use one or two standard measurements that are multiplied by the number of rooms. It creates an illusion of a larger home than it actually is. All-in-cost per square foot for these homes is based on a standard forty-foot model home.

Its calculation includes labor and materials for the entire building. Because the size of standard homes is so close to the crane’s size, the costs of shipping and construction can be high.

Most custom home builders specialize in custom-built prefab homes built to a strict, energy-efficient design using sustainable materials. They utilize environmentally friendly building methods and materials such as coconut or recycled fiberglass for flooring and insulation.

All-inclusive builders provide double-wall construction and sustainable flooring options such as bamboo shakes and sisal Rattan. In addition, custom home builders often use sustainable building materials to build the home’s exterior, such as weatherproofed vinyl siding.

One efficient way to build sustainable homes is through the use of “plant prefab” techniques. These techniques enable manufacturers to create homes built in factories where materials harvested from sustainable or renewable sources are used.

For example, in the absence of plywood, manufacturers of plant prefab homes will use straws, wood chips, recycled cardboard, and other types of plant material to construct residences built on-site. The method of harvesting plants off the land and using them in the residence’s manufacture is considered eco-friendly as building traditional homes on site.

Customizing your home with sustainable materials

Some custom manufacturers will even provide their customers with complete kits to build their residences using sustainable building methods. These kits contain all of the necessary supplies and materials to create a fully functional home, including floor plans, architectural drawings, and more. Furthermore, unlike conventional construction, there is no need to hire an engineer, architect, builder, or planner.

Once the customers have decided what they want to build, the kit is then sent to a local company specialising in manufacturing prefab residences.

The company then takes over the building process from start to finish, from purchasing all needed materials to placing the final finishing touches on the custom homes’ interior and exterior.

Custom home builders can also use the Internet to provide potential customers with many different home design selections. From simple designs to modern features, the customers can choose various styles, colors, and materials to help them create a one-of-a-kind residence.


As long as a reputable and experienced builder is working with the customers, the customers can rest assured that they can realize their unique home design. It allows the customers to feel a sense of ownership with their new dwelling, a feeling that no other home builder can provide.