Current Year High & Low Prices

Current Year High & Low Prices,

What is The Meaning of Current Year High & Low Prices?

  • The definition of Current Year High & Low Prices is: The highest and lowest prices for security given in the current calendar year.

Literal Meanings of Current Year High & Low Prices


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Sentences of Current
  1. Tidal wave

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Synonyms of Current

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Meanings of Year:
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Meanings of Prices:
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Sentences of Prices
  1. The watch costs 55 55

  2. He thought it was a small piece of garbage, although most of the items he had acquired over the years were sold at prices that led to many reductions.

  3. Land can be sold at a higher price.

  4. The price of success is debated all day

Synonyms of Prices

rate, set the price of, fee, put a price on, charge, levy, sum, fare, penalty, evaluate, forfeiture, total, assay, cost, asking price, assess, consequence, forfeit, estimate, sacrifice, result, selling price, value, payment, fix the price of, terms, amount