Curlex Wrap

Curlex Wrap

Has anyone heard of a product called curlex, and if so, can it be purchased anywhere? 3

I was an army doctor and we used him to fix pills. This is a gelatinous material and we file it for you, spread and seal the file and stop the bleeding.


I just wanted to add that this is what you all say on a roll and it's like gauze but it's more tubular and adds what you're trying to fix. It almost makes sense.

Sammy, now that you mention it, I think you're right, we don't call it iodoform, we call it sd wrap, you write after kerlex or we spell it. I remember we used it on a boy with a broken femur after bleeding from the arteries, we used Kerlex with duct tape, then we put inflatable pants on him.

Kerlex is a type of gauze that you can wrap around your arm or leg. There are iodine-containing products that can be used to heal wounds that heal without any problems. Sorry, I don't remember the name we used, it's an inch wide transparent cloth and packed in a roll in a Brother bottle.

There is also a product called Gelfoam that can be used to help the blood absorb and clot. When I worked in daycare we used it to avoid ■■■■■■ circles.

I think one of them can be found in complete pharmacies.

Some help for example!

You can think of tapes in the form of iodine. This is specifically intended to tamper with files that may be affected. Absorbs harmful discharge / blood and speeds up healing time. It is also slightly wet so as not to tear the new fabric. Then Curlex is applied.

What helps, for example.

An ambulance near me uses Curlex. It rolls like gauze, although it sticks and you don't need to use duct tape to hold it in place. It can be found / ordered at any medical supply store. We took him to our ambulance with IV ld and a catheter was inserted into a person who was either very sweaty or very aggressive. Our light blue color is great :)


Curlex Wrap