Definition of Curing:

  1. Process during which a chemical reaction (such as polymerization) or physical action (such as evaporation) takes place, resulting in a harder, tougher, or more stable linkage (such as an adhesive bond) or substance (such as concrete). Some curing processes require maintenance of a certain temperature and/or humidity level, others require a certain pressure.

Synonyms of Curing

Anhydration, Blast-freezing, Bottling, Brining, Canning, Corning, Cure, Dehydration, Desiccation, Dry-curing, Drying, Embalming, Evaporation, Freeze-drying, Freezing, Fuming, Healing, Irradiation, Jerking, Marination, Mummification, Pickling, Potting, Quick-freezing, Refrigeration, Remedial, Remedy, Restorative, Salting, Sanative, Sanatory, Seasoning, Smoking, Stuffing, Taxidermy, Therapy, Tinning, Vulnerary, Wholesome

How to use Curing in a sentence?

  1. The curing of the material changed it from its initial state to the final state that we needed to complete the project.
  2. The ma was in charge of curing my illness and he did a very good job, but it took him a really long time.
  3. Curing concrete properly will prevent early cracking, and promote a long life for the product due to the chemical bonds during the process.

Meaning of Curing & Curing Definition