Definition of Cure:

  1. Substances or medicines that treat a disease or condition.

  2. Areas of responsibility for pastoral position or Christian service.

  3. Protection (meat, fish, tobacco or animal skin) in various ways, such as salty, dry or smoked.

  4. Hardening process of rubber, plastic or other materials.

  5. Correction or elimination of defects or legal errors. See also improvements.

  6. Relieving the symptoms of a disease or condition (a person or animal).

Synonyms of Cure

Lieutenancy, Prescribe, Aid, Authority, Sponge, Irradiate, Counteragent, Brine, Recipe, Governance, Sear, Specific, Soak up, Pickle, Bandage, Healing agent, Prelacy, Remedy, Treat, Benefice, Put in shape, Ameliorate, Arrange, Make ready, Diagnose, Auspices, Healing, Power of attorney, Sun-dry, Antidote, Remedial measure, Antidote, Evaporate, Delegated authority, Authorization, Procuration, Guidance, Bring around, Bring round, Commitment, Dry-salt, Medicine, Strap, Recure, Settle preliminaries, Mobilize, Air-dry, Stuff, Exsiccate, Medicament, Weazen, Provide, Oversight, Receipt, Power to act, Disaccustom, Legation, Proxy, Watch and ward, Custody, Government, Analeptic, Pretreat, Smoke, Swab, Bathe, Embalm, Drain, Trusteeship, Ministry, Clear for action, Break of, Season, Salt, Pickle, Poultice, Wardship, Relief, Medicamentation, Restore, Nurse, License, Corrective, Marinade, Prearrange, Remedy, Curacy, Smoke, Glebe, Parch, Regime, Massage, Restore, Blast-freeze, Care, Management, Mummify, Task, Process, Smoke-cure, Antiserum, Nostrum, Assistance, Treatment, Repair, Restorative, Safe hands, Charge, Flux, Stop, Preserve, Wing, Assignment, Rehabilitate, Fume, Make better, Commissioning, Factorship, Refrigerate, Burn, Agentship, Purge, Delegation, Freeze, Tutelage, Care of souls, Succor, Pastorage, Wean, Help, Mandate, Vicarious authority, Curative measures, Stewardship, Torrefy, Medicine, Try out, Anhydrate, Pharmacon, Make preparations, Preservatize, Dehumidify, Agency, Work a cure, Rectory, Elixir, Curing, Rectify, Sovereign remedy, Wipe, Corn, Clear the decks, Medical treatment, Fix up, Dry, Heal, Prep, Dress, Bake, Deploy, Trust, Scorch, Administration, Treat successfully, Curative, Preserve, Dry-cure, Consignment, Living, Ward, Give care to, Medicate, Kipper, Counteractive, Mend, Sun, Balsam, Trim, Fire, Marshal, Doctor, Physic, Dehydrate, Brush, Patronage, Pull round, Wardenship, Wizen, Insolate, Towel, Restore to health, Executorship, Fix, Restore to health, Marinate, Countermeasure, Full power, Heal, Custodianship, Healing quality, Better, Quick-freeze, Panacea, Plan, Exequatur, Medication, Embassy, Mission, Drug, Errand, Make arrangements, Jerk, Plaster, Advowson, Minister to, Wither, Regency, Office, Entrusting, Correct, Kipper, Devolution, Keeping, Empowerment, Desiccate, Pastorship, Vicarage, Commission, Purview, Protectorship, Plenipotentiary power, Cure-all, Restorative, Balm, Guardianship, Devolvement, Brevet, Rub, Care for, Hospitalization, Operate on, Kiln, Jurisdiction, Medicament, Deputation, Incumbency, Counterstep, Make well, Specific remedy, Tan, Counteractant, Ready, Pastorate, Corrective, Get ready, Blot, Ready up, Salt, Prepare, Responsibility, First aid, Splint, Freeze-dry, Therapy, Prescription, Dry, Alterative, Hands, Medication, Regentship, Shrivel, Warrant, Entrustment, Regimen

How to use Cure in a sentence?

  1. Benefits including health of the soul.
  2. He recovered from his illness.
  3. Homemade ham
  4. Find a cure for the common cold.

Meaning of Cure & Cure Definition

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