What is CuNO3? (Chemical)? 3

And why Cu (NO3) too, what's the difference in cket?

And that's it

They are polyatomic ionic compounds.

Copper (I) nitrate CuNO_3.

Cu (NO_3) _2 Copper (II) Nitrate.

Cu (NO_3) is like CuNO_3.

You use

Ceramic paint

Oxidizing and oxidizing agents in textile dyes.

Reagents for various metal inks.

Board bath

Wooden protector


Nitrate agent in IC chemistry.


The name of the compound is Cuno3.

Copper nitrate is a square bracket, just a way of saying that there are two things. 3 parts of nitrate and only 1 part of copper.

Hmmm; both are the same; usually cactus is used for the track; for example Al2 (SO4) 3; of course there must be a coat to separate track 3 from track 4 ..... To avoid losses; no your example is equal to index 1 ... so cactus can be ignored ...

By the way, CuNO3 is copper nitrate!

Fix me = D.

Copper (I) Nitrate Because Super is a transition metal, it must have a Roman number.

This is copper nitrate.

I don't think cket makes any difference and they are the same.