Definition of Cumulative:

  1. Increasing or increasing in number, degree or strength in continuous increase.

  2. Time. Increased over time.

Synonyms of Cumulative

Total, Intensifying, Documentary, Summative, Growing, Additional, Attestive, Irresistible, Implicit, Probative, Multiplying, Authentic, Final, Conclusive, Admissible, Increasing, Determinative, Accruing, Founded on, Snowballing, Overall, Eye-witness, Convincing, Firsthand, Progressive, Additive, Chain, Presumptive, Accumulating, Overwhelming, Suggestive, Amassed, Certain, Irrefutable, Grounded on, Based on, Factual, Additory, Significant, Magnifying, Telling, Attestative, Accumulative, Snowballing, Summational, Decisive, Material, Indicative, Heightening, Hearsay, Evidentiary, Weighty, Ex parte, Circumstantial, Mounting, Symptomatic, Evidential, Advancing, Reliable, Nuncupative, Adducible, Accumulated, Documented, Indisputable, Sure, Valid, Absolute, Damning, Incontrovertible, Accumulative, Increasing

How to use Cumulative in a sentence?

  1. The overall effect of the two-year famine.

Meaning of Cumulative & Cumulative Definition