Cumulative Injury

Cumulative Injury,

What is Cumulative Injury?

  1. Definition of Cumulative Injury: A type of employee injury that results in recurrence of psychologically or physically traumatic tasks that have an extended duration. Some examples are carpal tunnel syndrome and hearing loss.

  2. Cumulative Injury can be defined as, This type of injury is the result of long-term repetitive tasks.

Literal Meanings of Cumulative Injury


Meanings of Cumulative:
  1. Increase or increase the number, degree or resistance by constantly increasing.

Sentences of Cumulative
  1. The overall effect of the two-year famine

Synonyms of Cumulative

accruing, mounting, accumulative, progressive, accumulating, increasing, snowballing, growing


Meanings of Injury:
  1. Injury case.

  2. Ruining someone's feelings

Sentences of Injury
  1. He injured his back

Synonyms of Injury

gouge, lesion, wound, abuse, laceration, gash, contusion, rent, abrasion, offence, scratch, graze, slash, sore, bruise, cut, tear