Cumulative Bonus

Cumulative Bonus,

How To Define Cumulative Bonus?

  1. Cumulative Bonus means: An increase of a fixed percentage of the sum insured at the time of extension (maximum 50%) for each year without any bias. If there is a failure, the next update will reduce it by 10%

Literal Meanings of Cumulative Bonus


Meanings of Cumulative:
  1. Increasing or increasing the number, degree or strength in successive increments.

Sentences of Cumulative
  1. The overall effect of two years of drought

Synonyms of Cumulative

increasing, accruing, accumulative, accumulating, progressive, growing, snowballing, mounting


Meanings of Bonus:
  1. Seasonally, a certain amount is added to the salary, especially in return for good performance.

Sentences of Bonus
  1. Great Christmas bonus

Synonyms of Bonus

honorarium, commission, gift, tip, premium, prize, gratuity, extra payment, present, reward, dividend, handout, percentage